Frequently Asked Questions


What is SocialCareer?

SocialCareer is a revolutionary social recruiting site. SocialCareer acts as a platform for everyone involved in the process of career search – employers, hiring managers, hr, candidates & employees. We are bringing the referral process online, allowing everyone to participate, raising referral rewards and lowering the cost of recruiting!

How can I create an account?

Quick & easy sign-up – Once you are signed in, you are asked to fill out your profile -- This will help us locate the best jobs for you & your the industry, geography & function that aligns with your background/qualifications (you can highlight multiple options and edit this page).

Does it cost anything to join SocialCareer?

Nothing…just a few minutes of your time.

How will SocialCareer contact me?

We will contact you through email.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. If you do cancel your account, we will not be able to pay you any referral rewards earned by using SocialCareer.

How do I get started?

Make sure you update your profile so we can send you the appropriate jobs! Jump onto the jobs page and you are on your way… if you see a position and know someone qualified, click the recommendation button.

How do I recommend someone?

You see a position, click recommend and fill out the details (name of recommendation, their email address, phone #).

Why is there an option for confidentiality?

Obviously, we prefer all recommendations to be transparent. But, we also know some people feel uncomfortable sharing names & contact information. If a recommendation is made confidentially, we will explain everything to the person being recommended.

What happens when I make a recommendation?

Once you make a recommendation, an email is sent to that person and a SocialCareer consultant, letting them know they have been referred for the specific position. We will reach out to discuss the opportunity in greater detail…if we deem them qualified for the job, we will present them to the organization. You will be linked to this person in your dashboard, allowing you to track the entire process.

How many recommendations can I make?

The entire purpose of SocialCareer is to allow users to make trusted recommendations and we will never put a limit on that. But… and a big but, the quality of each recommendation is most important to us. So, we will be monitoring the quality of each recommendation closely. If a user starts to send in random names and profiles, we will terminate their account.

What happens if 2 or more people make the same recommendation?

The first person to make the recommendation will represent that person. If it is a very close call (within 12 hours), we can figure out a solution to engage all parties. i.e. split reward

How do I know if my recommendation is interviewing, or hired?

Once a SocialCareer consultant deems your recommendation motivated and qualified for the opportunity, they will appear in your dashboard. You can check in and track the process along the way.

How do you avoid people making poor recommendations?

We will not tolerate any spam or abuse from a user. If they are caught, they are terminated from the site.  SocialCareer will also review and screen every recommendation. This will allow us to determine the validity of each recommendation.

Can a user edit their details?

All users are encouraged to keep their profile up-to-date. If you switch jobs or relocate, we want to know! This will only help us locate the best jobs for you.

How often are the jobs updated?

Jobs are updated daily. We will list jobs as soon as we receive them from our clients.

What is a referral bonus?

Every organization has an ERP (employee referral program) – they allow their employees to reach out to their network and make recommendations for jobs. if they make a successful recommendation, they receive a referral bonus. Problem is, you can only make recommendations to your current organization & the referral bonus is on average $1000.
Socialcareer allows you to make recommendations to all organizations and receive a hefty reward, up to $10000!

What exactly is the short-term referral bonus plan?

The referral process from beginning to end can take a few months. We installed a short-term referral bonus plan to reward quality recommendations. It is a simple point system for quality referrals, successful interviews, etc. At the end of each month, these points will be converted to tickets… we’ll hold a raffle for cash and prizes… this way, you don’t have to wait long to get some rewards!

How do I know when I made a successful referral?

Once your recommendation accepts the position and the details are covered, we will give you a call to share the good news…i’m sure you will hear from them as well!

When and how do I get paid?

We have terms with each of our clients… some are a bit different than others. As soon as your recommendation has been employed for the specified amount of time (30 - 60 days), we will send you a check.

How do I get my companys jobs on SocialCareer?

SocialCareer welcomes all organizations! Please contact a SocialCareer consultant to set up a consultation – we can work on a single position or multiple positions… it’s up to you!

How long will you keep a position listed?

We will keep the position listed for 30 days.

Does it cost anything to list a position on SocialCareer?


Will I have a designated consultant for any help/questions?

Each organization is given a SocialCareer consultant to manage the entire process. They will be your point-of-contact for everything.