SocialCareer for Employers

SocialCareer helps employers drastically decrease the amount of $$$ spent on Recruitment efforts, while significantly improving the QUALITY of candidates.


Find your talent on SocialCareer

An organization decides to utilize SocialCareer and build a mutually beneficial relationship. SocialCareer Consultant will connect with the Hiring Manager, HR Manager or whoever, to learn every detail about the open position, team, company culture, etc. SocialCareer will learn exactly what the ideal qualifications & "Must Haves" are for each position.

Get Started!

Once all the details are covered, we get started! The specific position(s) are posted to the SocialCareer JOBS page - All users are notified through email about the new job updates and the recommendations start rolling in.

Managing the Process

We receive the trusted recommendations, make sure each is qualified and motivated to pursue the opportunity (using a thorough qualification process) and present them to our partnered organization. SocialCareer will act as a dedicated partner throughout the interview process, assisting with everything!