SocialCareer is the most effective way to recruit, identify, source and hire the best talent.
We have combined the power of referrals with social networking and executive recruiting. The concept is simple and was derived from many years of Executive Recruiting. More and more organizations are leaning on their Employee Referral Programs to produce great talent, BUT these programs have specific flaws:

1. Most are poorly managed
2. Feedback can take weeks or even months
3. As an employee, you can only make a referral to YOUR company
4. The incentive to make a referral is normally minimal or nothing to get excited about

SocialCareer brings the Referral Process online, in a forum that is managed effectively
and allows everyone to play a part. Here are the benefits of SocialCareer…


As an Employer:
1. Your open positions will reach EVERY qualified candidate, not just the ones in your database or geography.

2. Each candidate is screened and qualified before they are submitted to you. SocialCareer has dedicated Consultants that stay in communication throughout the process.

3. There is no cost to post open positions! All costs are contingent upon successful hires & we promise to drastically cut the cost of recruiting.

As a User:
1. You have the ability to make a recommendation to ANY position, in any Geography, Industry or Function.

2. The Reward for a successful recommendation is substantially higher than the industry average.

3. You will receive quick and reliable feedback from a SocialCareer Consulant. Please track the information in your dashboard.

4. You help a friend or colleague find a great opportunity! This can be the most rewarding of them all.